24 Things You Can Only Relate To If Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

Those of us who are lucky enough to call Mom ourbest friend know all too well how irreplaceable that bond really is.

Were blessed beyond compare, and we couldnt imagine growing up without her consistent love, guidance and support.

She taught usthe ways of the world when we were little girls, and she hasnt stopped shedding her bright light on us as we blossom into adulthood.

She couldnt help but crack a smile whenever we ran off the bus and cried into her arms about the boys*with cooties* who tried to kiss us.

Today, we cherish our relationship with mom just as much but now, with wine and mimosas included.

Here are 24 things you can only relate to if your mom is your best friend.

1. You text her more than anyone else in your phone.

2. Shes the first one you go to for advice, because shes been there, done that and knows ALL.

3. You can always count on her brutal honesty, even when you try to convince yourself you dont want to hear it.

4. Shes there to gossip and catch up on all the details about the guy youre dating.

5. Shes the only shoulder you want to lean on when a guy breaks your heart. Shell also want to kick him where it hurts, but thats another story for another day.

6. If youre the same shoe size, her shoe closet is your shoe closet (and vice versa).

7. A Saturday night watching a chick flick with Mom while you guys enjoya bottle of wine together sounds like a prime plan to you.

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8. Shes your number one fan in life, and on Facebook.

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9. You may or may not have gotten *subtle* matching tattoos on the backs of your necks.

10.Everyone in your squad considers her to be their second mom.

11. For real, shell invite them over for pancake breakfasts when youre not even home. You love it anyway, even though you know youre missing out on some qualityeats.

12. You want to follow in her footsteps and be just like her when youre a mom someday.

13. Shes your go-to shopping buddy, and she knows your fashion sense to a T.

14. When youre in a bind, you can count on her to pick out something trendy AF that youll absolutely love.

15. You have the best of the best inside jokes that no one else will ever understand.

16. Shes the one person who will forever guard your secrets and never stab you in the back.

17. You have most of the same interests and passions.

18. You never stopwanting to learn more from her.

19. You cannot fathom the thought of navigating this thing called life without her.

20. Shes the first person you call when anything good or bad happens in your life.

21. You have hardcore separation anxiety when you dont see her for a couple of weeks.

22. Shes literally your person, and youve binged Greys Anatomy together far too many times.

23. You consistently have a Netflix show you coordinate to watch at the same time, no matter how much distance separates the two of you.

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24. Shes the PB to your J

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and you wouldnt have it any other way.

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