25 Things Romney Supporters Like About President Obama

1. “He believes in gay marriage.”

– Samantha

2. “The President seems like a very nice father.”

– Lauren

3. “He makes some really good speeches.”

– Tyler

4. “He believes women should have equal rights.”

– Michele and Chloe

5. “He’s from Hawaii.”

– Jordan

6. “His wife is very proactive.”

– Emily

7. “Obama’s a great father and loves his kids.”

– Mariah

8. “He really connects well with people.”

– Santiago

9. “He’s a very good speaker and he likes college basketball.”

– Matt

10. “Obama’s a great public speaker. He’s also a nice guy.”

– James

11. “He approves of gay marriage.”

– Steven

12. “Obama’s a good family man.”

– Adara

13. “He’s done a pretty good job dealing with what he was given.”

– Sarah

14. “Obama’s likable. He gets the young audience into politics.”

– Paul

15. “He’s really good at selling his ideas.”

– Andy

16. “He seems like a nice guy.”

– Andy

18. “Obama’s good with foreign politics. He can communicate well with other countries.”

– Tyler

19. “He seems like a cool guy. I’ve seen some funny videos of him on YouTube.”

– Tim

20. “I really like that he’s accepting and into equal rights.”

– Sabrina

21. “Obama’s very good at communicating to the people of the United States.”

– Haley

22. “It’s great that he lets kids stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.”

– Sarah

23. “He’s good with the middle class and poor people.”

– Youssef

24. “I like that the President is taking time with Iran. If it was Bush he’s already be at war. I also liked when he sang Al Green. That was boss.”

– David

25. “He has nice skin.”

– Brooke

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