6 Life Lessons All Funny Girls Know To Be True

Funny girls, let me start by saying you are awesome.

You tell the best jokesthe kind that havethe capability to split sides and make eyes water. You do the best impressions and carry wild, exaggeratedfacial expressions as a secret weapon.

You are bold and steadfast in satire. You constantly redefine what it means to be funny through sharp wit and a dry sense of humor.

Its also probably safe to say yougrew up watching comedy like it was your religion.

While most kids were watching the newest action flick or animated movie, you were watching anything even remotely funny you could get your hands on.

You memorized the best lines and took the characters and their stories to heart. You looked up to those people; they were your superheroes.

Maybe this made fitting in with your peers a challenge sometimes, but your little introverted heart couldnt care less. All you needed was your best friend and some hilarious sketch ideas.

Assomeone who very much identifies with the above, Ive decided to share a bit of wisdom Ive gathered throughout my years.

And, sure, I still get carded every time I order a vodka soda, but Ivestill picked up a few lessons along the way.

1. Theres no point in beinganything other than who you truly are.

People are going to test you on that.

There willbe times when you stand out (its not your fault youre hilarious) andyou will be told you arent like other girls. Some of these people mean it as a compliment and others maybe not so much.

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Do everything in your power to ignore hate; these people definitelydont have the greatest track record when it comes to having a sense of humor.

Girls like you may not always fit in with the other girls, and thats OK.

Its not that you dont like them, its just that your list of shared interests is short. Never go out of your way to gain acceptance; be who you are.

2.Laughter is and always will be the best medicine.

You have the capability to mend broken pieces and lift spirits. People are able to uncover strength they didnt even know they had because you helped push them in the right direction. That, in itself, is one of the greatest super powers in the world.

Making people laugh is an amazing feeling and finding a way to do so even when you feel like its impossibleis important. There is always going to be a person out there who needs a laugh more than you do.

3. Humor is rooted in intelligence.

Half of the time youre funny without even trying to be.

Sometimes this makes it difficult for people to decide to take you seriously or not, but thats only because sarcasm usually manages to find its way into your vocabulary.

What many people dont know is that youre also really freaking smart. Intelligent womencan be intimidating, but you need to find a way to use it to your advantage.

4.Girls are funny. Very, very funny.

Push against all stereotypes with a vengeance.

Ironically, the people who perpetuate the stereotypes think Larry The Cable Guy is a genius and/or are often not smart enough to grasp the jokes you might say in response.

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5. Other women need support too.

If we dont have each others backs then who will?Make bitches laugh. Often.

6. Theres always a way to fight back.

Laughter packs a bigger punch than anything or anyone else.

That being said, your humor is bound to be misinterpreted by some. Dont be too harsh on them. They just havent realized the most important rule: Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Thankfully, happiness and comedy/laughter are two in the same. I dont think its physically possible to have one without the other. Its kind of like someone telling you to eat pizza without cheese.

It doesnt make sense and, quite frankly, its a waste of time.

If you dont take anything else away from this, try your best to remember this: Empowerment will ALWAYS speak louder than negativity.

The people who will try to convince you otherwiseprobably eat their pizza without cheese.


A girl who is sometimes funny, sometimes tired, but mostly hungry.

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