Beliebers wish Justin’s mom a happy birthday

Meanwhile, she was a trending topic as “Beliebers Love Pattie.”

Haha! I never fall 4 any @justinbieber pranks on April fools day. Its the day b4 my bday so I always know its coming! He always tries tho!

— Pattie Mallette (@pattiemallette) April 1, 2012

Aw thanks!! Love U 2! RT @KidrauhlQueenUK: #HappyBirthdayPattie @pattiemallette the UK wish you a happy birthday …

— Pattie Mallette (@pattiemallette) April 2, 2012!/chumoiie/status/186717486236962816

Happy Birthday Pattie. YOU SHOWED A LOT OF DIFFERENT THINGS TO US like Love and Justin Bieber

— blah (@ratedJB) April 2, 2012!/Bri_ana_bby/status/186717278514069504

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