Best of Roadman Shaq – Compilation (Big Shaq)

Ah boom, man’s trying to get the ingredients for a salad. you know, true say man’s been watching Jamie Oliver. and he inspired man to eat healthy since that what he gets advised from the Inspire team, so man’s got an avocado. you know, It reminds me of one time I punch someone. he was trying to cuss my mom’s airforce 1, ’cause she had a couple creases in them init but you know, true say like, man’s started from the bottom. man’s still kinda here but you know, man got her some kickers for work , so she’s nice innit progression thing You know, I role with this thing here cucumber You know these here looking at me different when man’s trying to buy fruits they don’t know that i’ll lick off man’s jaw back have man looking like mr.. Burns, and you know, man’s been learning about the balanced diet Yeah, man’s doing some traveling and tourism .. College in it You know I’m saying training to be like the air hostess, or is it host yeah one of them innit, you know, easyJet Marbella thing innit but yeah boom, man’s going to go cop some bananas You know like that res Rihanna Education thing, but yeah, man’s gonna get some lettuce init yeah, skraa boom man’s gone Boom man just came off the easyJet thing the flat one is he was kind of complicated I paid for extra legroom, and the waitress came and told me there was insufficient seats I told her I bring me back my money She said they can’t give me a full reimbursement, so they’re gonna give me a sandwich her name was Espanola So I was like to her “Bonjour babes, man don’t eat el cheesy.

I’m not a cow I’m not on this moo thing.” Yeah, she was looking at me like I got a speech indede inde impediment Yeah, but it’s nothing man’s out here and now you get me it’s like 40 degrees, but man’s not hot the girls are in bikini doing Baywatch but man’s not hot, man’s got sweat patches But it’s not sweat its a perspiration thing man’s not hot man has to stay padded up, in case I see one of these spanish dons and they start moving like a “op” you get me, man will just roll up on man like “ay senor, man’s not an el dickheade, man will lick of mans el quiffĂ©” alright listen I was gonna jump on one of them boats and do this Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic thing init man’s gone Man’s not hot, no, man’s not hot you get me man’s got a little cold and that so man have to wrap up warm you get me, but true say if I see a bagel man’s just sniffing and I’m rattin man’s face off Boom, man’s got in to a little bbq thing true say my ex is gonna be there so man’s got the roley on you me ten bags an..

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Ay lada don’t even zoom in . You don’t even know me like that but man took this off on polish don called “chakuk”.He was doing my mother’s bathroom You get me he tried to bop my mom like he tried to tell her the job was 255 when it was 250, all for traveling expense I told her lada fam, man’s not Sadiq Khan, man’s not Transport for London. You get me obviously got a little Ice cool thing ’cause I need to keep my throat dehydrated man can use big words because man got an E for English, get me, on the block that means excellent, my brothers ‘scutnu’ and ‘asznee’ them men got G’s and F’s Alphabetical order dumb mutes you get me, man come from bossman Deepak shop you get me man wanted the courvois(ier) but he didn’t have that so man got the disperano thing innit But listen man’s gonna jump in the coop and go to this BBQ. Yeah, link up true say, man just came out of Mothercare Trying to get a little dress and necklace for my mother ’cause it’s her birthday innit but Told the lady listen go get me a size 26 ’cause she’s been eating bear cake and custard and she’s looking kind of bloated you know I’m saying, her ankles are swollen and that.

She come back and told me listen. They’ve only got bibs and baby grow in it That it’s a baby shop. I said you’re dumb. so why don’t you call it babycare you know? I’m saying you know she’s looking at me like I’m stupid like. You know one of them girls outside Tried telling me that Texaco and tesco is not the same thing. of course it is. they both start with a T, end with a O one’s got X in the middle, algebra thing. true say, I’ve got a little one on the way You know my new baby mother Czechoslovakian thing you know just trying to broaden my horizons You know geography thing You know she told me that they’re doing a little holiday special 100 pound back down to 99 so you know I said Well, let me grab myself a little bargain innit You know I’m saying she said she was paying so I gave her 100 pounds told her to keep the change in that you know I’m saying man’s gone Boom I made some an (analyzations) skrr poom-poom that’s my news flash noise I’m coming off the ropes I’m gonna do this boxing thing full time.

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So I decided to start with some (branches). You know knock out some flowers You know these dickhead daffodils. you saw the fight innit. my brother McGrgr (McGregor) McGregs hold tight my Irish family you know party *?*. He won a hundred mil for losing so I said you know what, I’m not chasing *pagels?* no more for free man hasn’t even got health insurance, so I’m starting my own thing like money Mayweather the money team But my team’s called “man’s not hot boxing incophph” (incorporated) So my brother skutnu he’s gonna be my trainer ’cause he’s got bear trainers bossman wale from the chicken shop He’s gonna be my nutritionist and flippin man’s got some bacons’ you know like that for some models come I can’t roll up to the ring empty-handed, but yeah, man’s gonna float like a butterfly sting like a wasp.

Who’s my next opponent? Anthony Joshua, your next, link man. man’s gonna go punch up some roses until …? Skrrr bop bop girl on phone: “…. I love you” Flipping boom what’s that? girl on phone: “babe I said I love you” Yeah yeah, you dun know the thing girl on phone:”can you say it back?” Me too innit girl on phone:”no, say it” alright babe you’re giving me a migraine, I’m not your dad. man don’t really know you like that girl on phone:”….. we’ve been together for 2 years” no! since 2015, that’s like a year ’cause like , the first six months man had to do an extended-ed CRB check to make sure that you weren’t a “pagel?” and then the way your week kept falling off i had to be secure on what I was signing up for now you got the adhesive super glue thing.

And hair sticky like Mrs. Doubtfire like and now your mouth moving like a lion in Jurassic Park I’m not on this games thing, man’s not on this hopscotch thing ladders and snakes Listen I go out n hit the trap and leave …? init link up man’s gone. girl on phone:”love you” Yeah. Yeah, skrr bop bop boom this morning man went caff init? Yeah, you know that coffee shop, flippin pret a manager right there with the drillers I told the lady “yo babes get me the late with extra milk” my tapped me said oh it’s called a latte I said family you dumb obviously they’ve misspelled the thing they brought an extra T there. you get me You know you’ve got them friends that just think that they know everything these Albert Einstein wannabe dons his hairline is all in rewind and he’s got some BTech …? He wants come correct me I told him fam you focus pecifically on your thing and let me do my thing he tapped me again.

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He said oh, it’s specifically I said fam are you stupid? the word is Pacific like the ocean. you get me with the sharks and the Jellyfish in there, you get me. you know man might be from the hood but that’s not stupid rude boy. man’s got qualifications and sports science and now soon to be training Richard Branson and the Virgin Group and Flippin you heard Drake’s new thing init more life init yeah man on that fam.

Bonus tracks, though Flipping it’s called asznee track 23 You know what? man can’t even wear my hat around here ’cause someone might catch me slippin like when I’m changing my baby’s “nappy?” that you Get me this bad ops, “pagels?” can be anywhere fam, alright cool, say nothing man’s gonna run you through this, quick things stick man in there you gotta always make sure that Ra boom when you’re doing the nappy thing you want the vaseline there, blood put man to sleep from early …? “twinkle twinkle little star” you see he’s sleeping already you get what I’m saying That’s why I do Cornelison he’s sleeping, you see that? then it’s an easy job rude boy once I’m sang then boom you lift the legs in the air obviously clean there you clean anywhere else.

So obviously you got to treat this thing like a bill in a zoo you get me, got to take your time with your youth fam Spread it out and obviously the baby’s the content that’s in the zoo you get what I’m saying boom make sure that you got cover that you wrap that bit ’round there strap that there and fam look at that Voila done daddy daycare rude boy where are the “pagels?” the “pagels?” the babies happy though. You know I’m saying

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