Crocs Perfectly Trolled Steph Curry With These ‘Special Edition’ Sandals

You could easily argue the most entertaining action that occurred during the NBA playoffs happened via some Steph Curry news off the court.

I’m talking, of course, about Under Armour’s release of the “Chef Curry” sneakers, aka the Air Dads, aka the AARP IVs.

There are no two ways about it. The internet wentin on Curry’s new sneakers, and the jokes were pure gold. So, it’sno surprise another joke about the Chef Currys found its way onto national TV during the ESPY awards Wednesday night.

Hannibal Burress came back from the future to tell John Cena about all the crazy sports events that happen in 2026. Burress was also wearing the “Curry 34’s,” which in reality werewhite Crocs.

Well,Crocs saw an opening to pounce, and pounce it did.The company picked up where Burress left off and sent out a tweet hyping up the “Curry 34’s.”

This is quite simply a perfect piece of trolling by Croc — put out a tweet hailing these “special edition” Crocs, act like you were in on the joke the whole time and appeal to a sports crowd that probably wouldn’t care about your products otherwise.

Perfect execution.

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