Donald Trump Picked His Running Mate And You’ll Never Guess Who It Is

According to NBC News, it appears Donald Trump will choose Mike Pence, the current governor of Indiana, as hisrunning mate.

The news breaks Thursday afternoon after Trump tested potential candidates with several screenings, culminating with Mike Pence reportedly flying out to New York ahead of his scheduled Friday meeting.

With over ten years of experience as a congressman, campaign advisorshope Pence will be able to soothe Republican voters with his governing experience, considering Trump has had no prior experience in politics, NBC News reports. Apparently, Pence impressed Trump’s team with his animated performance at Tuesday night’s rally in Westfield, Indiana.

Though the New York Times cautions voters that there’s a fairly strong chance Trump couldchange his mind and retract his initial decision.

Naturally, Twitter users had a lot to say about Trump’s decision.

Some are calling out alarming details aboutPence’s values.

Or revealing how underwhelmed they are by the decision.

While most of us would rather be in denial about this year’s presidential race altogether.

Though, when it comes to Trump, it’s never too early to start cracking jokes.

Is there any way we can be sure Donald Trump will stick with Mike Pencethrough this election? Based on the mercurial candidate’s actions so far, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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