Epic Movie Trailer Voice Brings Excitement To The Food Court (Video)

It’s been a while since we’ve shared anything from the Epic Movie Trailer Voice guy, so it’s about time to bless you with his newest video.

In the latest prank by YouTube channel Break, voice-over master Jon Bailey hits up the food court at Universal CityWalk in LA.

It’s not so much a prank as it is just a really ridiculous act. Bailey approaches random people sitting at the food court tables and talks to them (or, in some cases, at them) using his movie trailer voice.

In one case, he counts down from 30 while staring a man in the face. In another, he jokes that a guy seated with two girls is forever friend-zoned.

It wouldn’t be that funny if it weren’t for his voice, and although he lightly insults some of the people, everyone takes it in stride and laughs along.

Check out the funny prank for yourself.

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