He Pulled A ‘Legendary’ Prank, Then Killed Himself. The Reason Why Is Terrible.

What started out as a juvenile act of fun, ended as a tragedy. Christian Adamek decided to play the part of a class clown and go streaking during a home football game. His classmates loved it, calling him a legend.

But his little stunt had consequences no one expected.

15 year-old Christian tried to hang himself only days after his streaking event.

He streaked at a football game. His routine was posted to Vine and then uploaded to YouTube, with many students calling him a legend.

Christian was expelled from school and faced charges of public lewdness. If convicted he could have been placed on the a sex-offender registry.

A local news station covered Christian’s antics.

They even used footage on the evening news.

They also interviewed the school principal.

Because of all of the negative attention and sex offender claims, Christian hung himself.

He died from his injuries two days after the attempt.

Share this story and remember Christian’s fun spirit.


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