If The Internet Existed During The Early Renaissance

1. Tumblr user and artist James Kerr creates incredibly weird plays on early Renaissance art, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect 15th century GIFs to look like:

2. If early Renaissance artists had Instagram, they would almost certainly portray Instastalking.

3. There would be a lot of beer.

5. Butts would be very important.

6. As would guitar-ing with broomsticks.

9. And being a creep on the Internet.

10. Literally nothing would ever make sense.

11. Everything would be creepy.

12. Nude scenes would have a delightful energy.

13. Everybody would do pretty much anything for alcohol.

15. Wildlife would be replaced with mechanical animalistic entertainment.

16. Pranks would be a big deal.

19. Pants would still be a terror.

20. And basically everything would be super weird.

21. James Kerr is currently working on a gallery show. You can check out more of his work at scorpiondagger.tumblr.com.

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