Jimmy Kimmel chases wolf in “Sochi hotel.” Yes, really… It was all set up by him in the first place.

For a couple days, we were duped by the video seeming to feature a wolf walking through the hallway of a Sochi hotel. The conversations online mostly centered around whether it was a wolf or some kind of domestic dog. But not a lot of people were asking the more basic question, “Did this even happen?”

It turns out it was an elaborate prank by the athlete who posted it, luger Kate Hansen, and Jimmy Kimmel. Hansen sent Kimmel a photo of her hotel hallway, then Kimmel’s people built a replica and sent a Timber Wolf mix (yes, a real wolf) down the TV-set hallway.

Want proof? Here’s the extended cut of the viral video featuring Kimmel himself following after the animal, searching the “Sochi Hotel” for his lost “Garfield”…

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