The Little Prank They Pulled On Their Parents Is All Kinds Of Cute And Funny

I’m a huge fan of harmless pranks that get everyone to laugh.

It can be fun to prank unsuspecting family members who are just begging to have their legs pulled. One pair of sisters took a look at the pictures around their house and thought they could do something truly hilarious to mess around with their parents, so they started swapping them out. With what, you ask? Almost identical pictures of their dog dressed exactly how the photos’ human subjects were in the originals.

Here the pup, whose name is Dixie, is graduating with distinction.

Old photographs were fair game, too, with this image of their grandmother getting a puppy redo.

Here Dixie even has the head-tilt down, matching the photo as much as possible.

It took weeks for their mother to find the pictures, discovering them while they had company over.

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