The Warriors Got Embarrassed Last Night And The Internet Showed No Mercy

Stephen Curry and theGolden State Warriors have been the undisputed kings of the NBA for the better part of two years, a time period during which everything seems to have gone their way.

Last year, they won the NBA title. This year, they knocked down Jordan’s 95-96 Chicago Bulls to claim the best regular season record ever with 73 wins. Their main man, Curry, has won two straight MVP awards,the last one coming via the first ever unanimous vote.

Simply put, the Warriors have been untouchable. So, during this magical run of theirs, there’s been little opportunity to throw at them, until now.

After the Oklahoma City Thunder took a 3-1 lead over the Warriors in their Western Conference final series, the Internetshowed no mercy to Curry and Golden State.

The memes, the jokes and the slander all came out, and no one from theteam was safe.

The mob came out of the woodwork instantly.

Because Russell Westbrook was owning Steph Curry.

The Warriors got straight-up spanked.

And to make things worse, Curry’s been MIA.

But Golden State haven’tlooked like their regular selves, either.

So no one is exempt from criticism.

Especially not Draymond.

There’s still time to jump off that bandwagon.

Somewhere, Jordan and Pippen are definitely laughing.

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