These French Election Tweets & Memes Prove The Voters Have Bragging Rights

During more normal times in America, all eyes arent on a French presidential election. Of course, were most definitely living in ordinary times following Brexit, Theresa May becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Donald Trumps shocking victory here at home, its fair to say thatBritish and American votershavent exactly make stellar choices at the polls recently.

So, when centrist politician Emmanuel Mecron defeated his far-right opponentMarine Le Penand became president, it was a moment to celebrate. Sure, its not our country but its an encouraging sign that, yes, the far-right can be defeated.

As we watched the results come in, people took to (where else?) Twitter to share their joy and applaud French voters for making the right choice.

There was definitely some pre-election anxiety

Seriously its not fun. NOT EVEN A LITTLE.

Heres some actual footage of people praying for a Macron victory.

How didObama and Trump react when Macron was named president?

That looks about right.

The results have given hope to many people

Its a pleasant change of pace.

Theirtime is .

When love trumps hate, its a victory for people all over the world.

Dont let the door hit you on the way out!

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The French have bragging rights for days

Some people accuse the French of being conceited I never want to hear that complaint again, because they just proved themselves to be way more responsible, informed voters than the people who showed up for Britain and Americas recent elections.


But, jokes aside, the French voters sent a strong message today they wont let hate and fear prevail in their country. Furthermore, an estimated 74 percent of eligible voters went to the polls today. Although thats low by Frances standards, just 55 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots in America on November 8. And we allknow how that turned out.

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