This Cool AF Elderly Couple Proves Sex And Flirty Banter Doesn’t Stop With Age

“{The And}” is back with possibly its best episode yet, featuring an older couple who hasbeen dating for 16 years. So if you’re pissed at your boyfriend for not proposing after a couple years, maybe you should sit back and take a deep breath … there’s hope for you guys.

Abigail and Chuck are the fun, cool, old couple you hope you and your boyfriend (whether imaginary or real) hope you’llgrow to be. They’re the chill grandparents who would have probably let you smokea doobie with them while your parents weren’t looking.

While your grandparents are probably trying to figure out when they should schedule next week’s bridge club meeting, these two are considering the possibility of a threesome. Yes, that’s right. A threesome.

In two minutes and 44 seconds, Abigail and Chuckmanage to cover every topic under the sun from cheating, to hoarding, to threesomes, to death. And they do it all while making flirty jokes and just honestly looking chill AF. Prepare to have every fear you’ve ever had about being an old, boring couple absolutely shattered by these two.

Fast forwarding to when I’m old and closer to death is not something I often find myself wanting to do, but these two changed things for me. Thepairhonestly made me look forward to the time in my life when I’m acalm, cool, old lady exuding Abigail’ssort of deeply-rooted confidence withmy own hilarious, neurotic Chuck to enjoy life with. (First step: find a boyfriend … or at least a boy to go on a date with).

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In the end (*SPOILER ALERT*) Abigail asks, “Do you think we’re a good match?” Chuck retorts, “Yes, I don’t think either of us can find anyone else whowould put up with the other one.”

You guys, if that’s not relationship goals, I don’t know what is.

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