What Is The Cat In The Hat Bat Meme? A look at the fake history memes

A look at the fake history memes

Hello Internet!! And Welcome To Behind The Meme!!! Today we have a look at Cat in The hat with a bat!!! Thank you so very much to each and every single one of my amazing viewers who left comments wanting to see a video on this very topic. Your requests help shape this channel and I couldn’t do it without your help! So when I say thank you, I truly mean it! I appreciate you guys.

Let me know what you would like to see next and maybe ill be able to make it happen!! You guys wanted it now you have it! Here We GO!!!!! The Cat in the hat! We are all familiar with the classic dr seuss childrens story first published in 1957. you know, the story that is basically about a giant talking cat who does a home invasion on a house but when he finds out kids are home he gets pissed off and tries to kill their pet eventually he invites his friends over who are hooked on cocaine so they can destroy everything in the house. But because the cat is on probation for a prior crime he decides to clean everything up just in time before the kids mom comes home so he doesn’t have to go back to prison …or something kinda like that.

I don’t remember exactly cause it’s been like 20 years since I last read the book but I’m pretty sure I’m close. The point that Im trying to make is that the book is popular! It has been a part of almost everybody’s childhood for the last 60 years. In fact it is so popular that in 2003, Hollywood came calling with the idea of creating a live action Cat in the hat film starring Mike Myers….wrong Mike myers guys…there we go. Now I know what you may be thinking…A successful and popular story that is beloved by million, a popular actor as the lead role, A budget of over 100 million dollars backed by one of the largest and well known film distributors in the world, what could go wrong? Dramatic music hahahahahaha hahahaha hahahaha Oh that’s right,The movie sucked. Now don’t get me wrong, not everybody hated it.

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I mean look here…It won an award.A Golden Raspberry! That’s pretty good right? uhhh…Never mind. The one up side to the film is that it made all of its money back. With yours truly even seeing it in the movie theater as a child. Now I Personally don’t remember not liking the movie but then again I don’t remember liking it.

So Who am I to argue with critics? The film was apparently so bad that Dr seuss’ widow forbid any more of her husband’s work to be made into live action films, all movies past that point were to be animated and since then they have The film was heavily criticized for straying away from dr suess’ original work and adding humor that wasn’t exactly child friendly. dirty ho! I’m sorry baby I love you. Come on cat It’s 2017!Why am I talking about an atrocity from 2003 that is better left forgotten? For those of you familiar with the weird world we live in and the wonderful memes that come with it, you may know that there has been a strange fascination with children’s movies and television shows from the early and late 2000’s .

You see the cat in the hat has recently been included into a genre of memes known as fake history memes .They are defined by taking a modern day image of people or characters and adding captions and sometimes a filter to make it appear as though the image is old and a part of history,but obviously is not really a part of history it’s just reimagined in a different way with a new picture and people. Often resulting in a pretty funny and enjoyable product. The memes have been very popular on reddit, First being created in 2016 and remaining popular since then. Now in 2017 The Cat in the hat variation of the meme has become the most popular of all of them.The meme depicts the cat in the hat with a bat in various scenarios that usually portray him as an assassin or causer of notable world events.

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The cat has even began to be added into memes that don’t fall into the fake history category but are still pretty damn funny. The original image of the cat in the hat with a bat comes from the classic scene in the movie where the cat attempts to kill a child after the child hits him in the balls…And No, that wasn’t a dumb joke. That is literally a scene from this PG rated children’s movie. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! You know, After seeing that it makes me wonder what ever happened to mike myers? I haven’t seen him in any movies lately.

Oh,Right… I forgot. R.I.P. MIKE R.I.P. So there you have it! the cat in the hat started off as a beloved children’s story and eventually became a movie that many found boring before it turned into a meme that brings back its glory! listen it kinda rhymed ok? I tried…I tried! But hey!! Thats the internet for you and on the internet memes are keeng! Thank You all so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my next video and stay up to date on all your favorite memes and trends!! Who knows you may learn about something you never knew about before!! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time!.

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