18 Things You Know To Be True If Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

#Dads, arent they the real MVPs, though?

Whether theyre letting the dad jokes fly with no regrets, or coming in clutch with a cold glass ofbeer and some solid advice when youre having the sh*ttiest day ever, dads always know whats up.

Since the day I was born, my dad has taught me no dream is too unattainable or too ridiculous for me to achieve.

Hes always been there for me as a comforting shoulder to lean on, and he always has welcoming arms for me to run into when I havent seen him in awhile.

Needless to say,Dad, this ones for you.

In honor of Fathers Day, and my dad, whos the raddest dude around town, here are 18 things you only know to be true if your dad is your best friend.

1. You want his approval for any guy you bring home to meet the family.

2. The guy youre dating is terrified to meet your dad, because youve talked him up to the max.

3. His dad jokes never, ever get old and he never stops cracking them, either.

4. Going out for pizza and beers with Dad always sounds like a prime plan to you.

5. You low-key pick out Dads clothes so he wont commit a fashion faux pas.

6. He taught you everything there is to know about muscle cars, classic rock, and NASCAR because, duh.

7. You simultaneously laugh at all of the same scenes in movies that no one else in the theater finds funny.

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8. You watch the same TV shows.

9. You can always count on Dad to deliver clutch advice.

10. You want to learn everything there is to know about his passions.

11. Along with your mom, Dads your number one cheerleader.

12. Dad can be cheesy and corny AF at times, but you wouldnt want him to be any other way.

13. Your guy friends are his friends. For real though, hes casually a member of your squad more than you are.

14. He knows all the right things to do (pizza, please) and say when youre down in the dumps.

15. He makes it known that the guy who broke your heart is a complete and utter piece of sh*t.

16. Hes the first person you hit up when you have an extra ticket to the Yankees game.

17. Hes also the first person you call when youre having car troubles, or if something in your apartment breaks.

18. Even though you want to roll your eyes at times when he wants to talk some sense into you, you know hes right.

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