5 Things We’re Dying To See Happen In The Final Season Of ‘New Girl’

After six (soon to be seven) years watching all the jokes, dysfunction and love that took place in that ridiculously spacious loft, its time to say goodbye to New Girl.

But before they play their last round of True American, Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Cece have one more run of stories to tell.

Fox just officially renewed New Girl for its seventh and final season, so expect things to get pretty emotional as everything wraps up at the end of this upcoming season.

Before were launched back into the loft life, lets go over some of the storylines wed love to see play out in the shows last season:

1. Cece and Schmidt as parents


The previous sixth season of New Girl was a transformative one for Cece and Schmidt, who got married and moved out of the loft into their own home. And in the finale, we found out Cece is pregnant!

Unless theres a Parks & Rec-style time jump between Season 6 and 7, its most likely well be seeing Cece navigating her pregnancy and getting ready for the first New Girl baby in the new season, but theres also a chance fans will actually get to see Cece and Schmidt as parents before the show ends.

It seems like Cece giving birth would be a great way to end the series Im smelling finale!

2. Winston reconnecting with his father


The other big thing that happened in the Season 6 finale (besides that elevator scene, which Ill address later) was Winston contacting his absent father for the first time since he was a child. Aly finds out his dads phone number and Winston leaves him a message saying that he turned out OK despite not growing up with a father.

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It seems like New Girl is going to be tying up this loose end in Winstons back story before ending. Will we finally meet Winstons dad after all these years?

3. Winston and Aly getting married


If Winston and his dad do reconnect this coming season, I have a good idea of when its going to happen: Winston and Alys wedding. The two cops finally realized they were more than just police partners and got engaged in Season 6.

Since they seem too perfect for each other for anything to break them up, we can be sure that a big wedding is coming up this season, too.

4. The Pepperwood Chroniclesbecomes a best-seller


A bulk of the last season was about the growing popularity of Nicks quasi-autobiographical love story, The Pepperwood Chronicles, leading up to a publisher actually meeting with him to distribute it wide in the finale.

For the entirety of the show, Nicks professional life as a writer has never taken off, but for the final season, we might get to see Nick actually fulfill his dreams of becoming a successful novelist!

5.Jess and Nick get together


OK, obviously this is the one every single New Girl fan has been dying for since Season 1, and the show has been playing with our emotions long enough. We got a full season of the two dating back in Season 3, but that ended in a breakup and Jess and Nick have just stayed friends who sometimes casually flirt for years now.

, in the last season finale, we saw Nick finally profess his love for Jess and run into the apartment elevator with her for a big kiss! Lets hope they can make their love work until the end of the show this time.

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