5 Things You Grew Up Hearing Dad Say That Didn’t Make Sense Until Your 20s

Between his hilariousdad jokesand loving demeanor, Dad tends to give us a lot of advicethroughout a lifetime.

Some of it hits so close to home, while other advice makes us instantly want to roll our eyes.

As we get older, life gets more complicated. Between paying rent, working long hours, and having a social life, balancing it all can become overwhelming.

When were in our 20s, we wish someone with a *been there, done that* mentalitywould look us in the eyes and give us the exact advice we need.

Well, you may not remember, but Dad has actually already given us some of the advice were longingly seeking. It didnt make sense then, but its pure gold.

Here are the things your dad says to you that dont make senseuntil your 20s.

1. You Shouldnt Have To ChangeTo Make Someone Like You

Dad has probably said time and time again you should never change yourself to make another person happy.

When you were younger, you brushed this aside. Middle school and high school felt like forever, and changing yourself to conform to the current trends and what your friends deemedcool didnt seem like the way to go.

By now,you should know youre pretty awesome and have so much to offer the world. Become the person you want to be, and dont ever change yourself to make another person like you more.

2. Confidence Is Key

In so many words, Dad probably told you confidence is key and hes right.

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Confidence is the number one trait you needto unlock doors in so many areas of your life, from friendships and dating, to yourcareer.

It takes someone in their 20s whos #adultingto realize dad was onto something important. Your skills will get you far, but confidence in yourself gets you even further.

3. Take Your Life One Day At A Time

Everything you want to see yourself accomplish and achieve isnt going to happen all at once.

Time is a funny thing; it seems like its dragging, but when you look back, your life should seriously get a speeding ticket.

Dads always telling you to enjoy the present. Youll get to where you need to be, when you need to be there. For now, soak up all today has to offer.

4. Figure Out Whats Most Important To You

In so many words, Dad has told you life should be about the things and people you love.

You dont want toend up with more regrets than incredible memories. Spend your life the right way by pursuing your dreams, keeping in mind your values, and pouring out love to the people who matter most to you.

Youll look back on these yearsfeeling lucky you embraced life on your own terms, no matter what hardships you faced.

5. Work Hard

The goals you want to achieve, and places you want to explore, arent going to casually fall into your lap.

If that new promotion were super easy to attain,literallycould do it. Dad taught you all of yourhard work is what makes everything worth it.

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