9 Little, Sweet Things You Should Tell Your Dad Right Now

Dads are special gifts to the world, and should be treated as such.

Unfortunately, many sons and daughters often wait until Fathers Day to tell their dads how important they are.

Even the little things can make a dads day, so theres really no excuse to not show Dad how much he means to you on a daily basis.

Whether you slip him a sweet card, or just call to say you love him, theres a lot you can and should do to the man who watched you grow up.

Here are nine little things you should tell your dad right now.

1. Thank you.

Lets face it, parents do a heck of a lot for their children. They may seem strict or misunderstanding at times, but theyre certainly doing their best.

Dont forget to thank your dad for all the times youve talked back or acted out. Raising kids may not be an easy task, but raising adults is near impossible.

Dad deserves some serious appreciation.

2. Can I help?

If youre like me, you cant possibly count all of the times your dad has helped you with something, from changing a flat tire to sneaking that extra cookie around Mom.

Hes been mypersonal handyman and advice-giver for two decades, and I think its time I returned the favor.

3. These are all the amazing things Ive learned from you.

Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

As someone whos not a parent, I can only imagine the reward of knowing youve made a positive impact on your childs life.

Parents teach so many important life skills to their kids, and often get little recognition.

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Praise your dad for all of the spectacular, unique things hes taught you over the years. It will certainly put a smile on his face.

4. Youre so important to me.

While this may sound like simply pointing out the obvious, telling someone of their importance is much more special than you realize.

Especially for parents with distant or independent children, knowing theyre valued by their child can be a huge source of comfort and motivation.

5. What do you want to do today?

Of course you should be asking Dad this question on Fathers Day, but you shouldnt have to wait until a designated day to do something nice for your dad.

Raising a child often means having a lot less time for yourself, so Dad deserves to make up for lost time. Catch up with Dad over beers and pizza, or hit up a baseball game with him as often as you can.

6. Remember when?

Parents love to reminisce, so let Dad break out the embarrassing home videos for once. Let him laugh over the silly things you said, even if it makes you seriously cringe on the inside.

Better yet, swap stories with Dad over something to drink (courtesy of you, of course). Taking time to talk and truly bond with the coolest dude around can be somuch fun.

7. Your dad jokes are on point.

Caroline Hernandez/Unsplash

Dads just love to make people laugh, especially their kids.

It doesnt take much to give him the satisfaction of a successful dad joke, but pride will be boosted for a long time. Besides, dad jokes are actually pretty funny.

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8. Lets go out to dinner sometime. My treat, of course.

For a child whos moved out of the house, just seeing your dad for dinner can be super special. It doesnt matter whether you go out or stay in; your company is whats most important.

Dad has probably picked up the bill more times than you can even recollect, so let the next couple of times be on you.

9. I love you so much.

So simple, yet so effective. Those beautiful, powerful five words work every time.

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