Diesel Jokes

  • I just found out that his full name is actually….Vehicle Identification Number Diesel.

  • Diesel now available at Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda…It’s in the aftershave section!

  • Vin Diesel eats two meals a day…Breakfast and breakfurious!

  • Money saving tipDiesel £1.68 per litre £90 to fill the tank Drive off and get a court fine 6 weeks later £50Total saving £40. Thank me later!

  • Just filled the tank with diesel…The goldfish are now dead!

  • Four engineers get into a car. The car won’t start.The Mechanical engineer says, “It’s a broken starter.”The Electrical engineer says, “Dead battery.”The Chemical engineer says, “Impurities in the diesel!”The IT engineer says, “Let’s get out of the car and get back in!”

  • Vin Diesel eats two meals a day.Breakfast and breakfurious.

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