Gabe The Dog Died! REMEMBERING THE BORK KING (Thoughts and Tribute)


Hey guys, todays video is going to be a little bit different. Sadly the meme community was hit with some pretty devastating news on January 20, 2017. Gabe the dog, the beloved source of the bork remixes and countless other memes has passed away. The announcement was made on the gabe the dog Facebook page when it posted the saddening message to all his fans. Now I’m a dog owner myself and love my dog dearly and would be very devastated if she died, in fact she’s laying right next to me right now as I record this audio.So I can only imagine how sad deathtrips feels.

You know what guys? Let’s go share with him the many ways gabe touched our lives. Go visit his channel and leave him some love and reflect on the memory of gabe. It might sound kind of silly that a dog many of us had never met was able to make such an impact on our lives but that is exactly what happened. A simple video of a dog barking turned into a global phenomena, did I say that word right? phenomena and became a whole genre of videos that have been viewed millions upon millions of times entertaining and making people laugh for countless hours.

And at the end of the day that’s truly a remarkable thing. It goes to show how amazing not only the internet is but how amazing the meme community is. So goodbye Gabe, Rest in peace. thank you for the memories and thank you for entertaining me with the bork that was music to my ears. You may not have known what you were doing at the time but what you did was truly special.

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You’ll be missed but never forgotten because memes never die. Well I guess some memes do die, but you won’t die…even though you technically died. God damnit what I’m trying to say is your meme legacy will live on forever I hope all you beautiful people are having a wonderful day and continue to do so. Love and appreciation to all. I’ll catch you guys next time I wanna dedicate this song to a certain american eskimo Pomeranian dog that touched all our lives, kinda like our priests. I will remember you! do da do da do do Will you remember me? do da do da do do Don’t let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories. We love you gabe gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace always in our hearts. Catch you on the other side brother.

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