Kid Manages To Get Two Yearbook Pictures By Pretending To Have A Twin (Photo)



People have always tried to sneak things into their yearbooks so they can open them up a few years after graduating and remember just how difficult they were as teenagers.

Most of the time this involves somehow incorporating “420” into senior quotes and hoping nobody notices, but every once in a while, someone manages to go the extra yard and pull off a truly impressive operation.

This is one of those times.

Terry Bell apparently decided that having one picture in the yearbook wouldn’t be enough to accurately reflect the legacy he wanted to leave behind. After taking his initial picture in a polo, he then sat in on the makeup picture day three weeks later posing as Jerry Bell, an identical twin with a love for Mexican beer and who doesn’t actually exist.

According to the Reddit user who posted the photo, the school had contracted the pictures to an outside company and assumed they’d do their job when it came to ensuring the people posing for the pictures were actually students at the school.

Based on the final result, they did not.


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