This Is The Most Disgusting Internet Trend Yet


A revolting new fad has recently emerged from Australia and there are fears it will soon follow in the footsteps of #neknominate as a widespread internet trend.

‘Bubbling’ is the act of men urinating into their own mouths and taking a picture, and was coined by Australian skaters and sent around as a ‘fake’ craze, described jokingly as ‘endemic’ by skater Troy West in an interview with VICE.

But in a particularly horrible ironic twist, the ‘fake’ trend is now catching on, and fears are spreading that ‘bubbling’ could become the new Neknominate.




Bear Grylls drinking his wee before it was cool

Neknominate was where participants filmed themselves downing copious amounts of alcohol and then nominating somebody else to do the same, went viral early this year, with seemingly everybody giving it a go until it lost steam after an unfortunate series of deaths linked to the game brought its dangers into the public eye.

And while ‘bubbling’ poses significantly less danger, it is definitely more horrible.

Only recently Australian rugby league player Todd Carney was dismissed after a photo of him performing the stunt appeared on the internet, prompting a Facebook group to be created entitled ‘Piss in your mouth for todd carney.’

Carney said that it was ‘just a prank’ and that promoting the trend was incidental.

‘The boys had seen me mucking around and doing it before,’ he said.


What do you think to this? We ask the question, what will the internet trend setters think of next…

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